What to expect on the first visit?:

  • The first visit consists being greeted by Karen, our office manager. Then there will be a review of your intake forms, a detailed patient history of your chief complaints and underlying conditions, a comprehensive exam, and treatment. In order for this to happen efficiently and to be cost effective to the patient and the doctor, the patient should have their insurance and/or payment ready before you arrive. If you are a functional nutrition or applied kinesiology patient, please contact our office and Karen will be happy to email you the more detailed paperwork so that Dr. Watson can review it the night before. Your time is very valuable and since you pay for time of service, it behooves you to be ready to go at the time of the appointment.

What are the cost of his services?

We are contracted with several insurance companies in the area. We also accept medicare, medicaid, and cash for chiropractic services. We have also developed a Club Membership Plan for those who value chiropractic care and their health.

** For functional nutrition and applied kinesiology patients: **

  • Dr. Watson bills at an hourly rate of $149 per session, with lab work and or other materials (such as supplements/nutrients) charged separately if they are needed. The fee you will be charged is based on the time he spends with you, not the time blocked off for your appointment. To clarify, if Dr. Watson only sees you for 30 minutes during a follow-up visit because your compliance to dietary restrictions and supplements were follow as closely as possible, then that is all you will be charged for, not the time that was initially blocked off.
  • A 45-90 minute initial appointment is necessary so treatment may begin upon the first visit. Dr. Watson will spend a lot of time with you so you may begin to feel better after your first appointment. The follow-up appointments are typically one hour as well. When you schedule your first 45-90 min visit, please schedule the follow-up visit, 1-2 weeks out. This of course depends completely on the individual patient because each patient is unique. If he feels you do not need to follow this plan, we can always change your appointments accordingly.
  •  Our patients pay us at the time of the appointment. Please be prepared to take care of the charges before you leave. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

Does insurance cover this treatment?:

  •  Yes and no. Our office that accepts most insurance plans for chiropractic care services. Dr. Watson has the privilege to work with Dr. Heaton and study how he treats and cares for his patients. For the next several months Dr. Heaton will be available, but on a limited basis. So, that being said we are contracted with most insurance companies in this area that accept chiropractic adjustments under their plans. When you come to Heaton Chiropractic looking to be seen and treated with traditional chiropractic care, like Dr. Heaton has provided to the community for the past 40+ years, then I am more than comfortable to assist you in that way. — However, insurance does not cover all the extra services that I provide. This extra more specialized care requires extra time. So the Functional Nutrition/Applied Kinesiology, soft tissue work, nutritional evaluation, and detoxification, etc…, are not covered under insurance care plans and will be billed to you directly at the time of service. You are ultimately in charge and responsible for your health. This type of service is usually sought from people who have been to and seen many different providers, in many different specialties of healthcare, and can’t seem to find any answers. The amazing thing with functional neurological manual muscle testing is that you are a getting care that is highly individualized and tailored to your needs. This gets to the root of your problems and resets the body’s own innate healing potential.

What Type of techniques do you utilize?:

  • Dr. Watson is a chiropractor so he has been trained on the techniques and benefits of manual adjusting. In school he was trained to detect subluxations (aka miss-alignments in the spine) and adjust the spine as well as other fixated joints that are found upon examination. I have trained in multiple methods to adjust the spine including: Diversified, Flexion-Distraction, Thompson, and Activator techniques, in addition to taking other adjusting seminars. The soft tissue work that I specialize in is Active Release Technique also known as ART. Whenever treating a subluxation, I look at it more as a symptom rather than the a disorder. With this in mind and utilizing the training I have received I try to get to the root of what caused the subluxation and fix that, in addition to any needed adjustments. By doing that it allows me to get to the root cause of the issue and achieve longer lasting results.

Does Dr. Watson utilize Muscle Testing?:

  • Yes, but from what the average person knows about muscle testing, or has been exposed to, the type of muscle testing Dr. Watson uses is significantly more comprehensive and complex than what most doctors use.Unfortunately, there are a lot of physicians and non-physicians that are either not qualified to perform muscle testing, or are using generalized inaccurate forms of the technique. Muscle testing, as performed in our office, is a major part of the neurological assessment process.

    In order to help you, Dr. Watson looks at your medical history, lab tests, physical exam findings, neurological exam findings, and other criteria. He uses specific neurological muscle tests to help him understand additional details that fit within the realm of traditional physical diagnosis, and uses that information to help treat the problem most effectively.

    Muscle testing, when used appropriately and by a qualified and certified, skilled physician, is a powerful tool that aids in individualized, specific treatment.

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