Family Wellness Plan

Here at Heaton Chiropractic Center we strive to deliver the best quality care we can, without having the finances be a roadblock. Down below is how the program works. We are making wellness simple!

Monthly Wellness Plan Basics:

  • $49 yearly set up fee
  • $100 per month (4 adjustments)
    • $15 per adjustment thereafter (per household)
    • Discounts on all other services
    • 10% discount on monthly wellness plan fee if paid 1 year in advance (EVEN MORE SAVINGS!)
  • Minimum 3-month commitment
    • If after 3 months you decide that this isn’t working for you, you can cancel with a 30-day notice. No strings attached.
  • With our wellness plan, the first four adjustments within your household in every month is $25. After that each adjustment it is only $15.
    • We want you and your family to get adjusted (even when you are not in pain) and be well, so our prices reflect our philosophy.
  • With the wellness plan, there is a 3-month initial commitment. After which if you want to cancel for any reason, a written 30-day notice will be provided to our front desk. We do not feel this will be the case in most instances due to the quality of life increase that we know you will experience getting the care, when you need it.
  • Laser therapy is a timed service that needs to be scheduled ahead of time. Usually this is used an adjunct therapy to the adjustment that helps to speed recovery, reduce pain, and reduce inflammation.
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