DOT Physicals

Here at East Ridge Chiropractic, we have offered Idaho Falls and Ammon areas convenient and low cost DOT Medical Exams. So, now with Dr. Bob Heaton retiring, Dr. Luke Watson is going to continue this service.

Call 208-529-2084

Whats included in your DOT Medical Exam:

Certified Medical Examiners who provide DOT Physicals must be on the National Registry for the Department of Transportation.

The examiner will review your previous and current health history and ask you to list the medications you take on a regular basis. This is to ensure that you and those of us that drive next to you are safe. We also check for…

Pulse and blood pressure

Performance of a vision test

Observe your general appearance

Listen to your heart and lungs

Spinal evaluation

Hernia check

Examine your eyes, throat, mouth, and ears

Neurological examination

We offer affordable and convenient exams to all who need a DOT exam for their job.

We offer same day scheduling as well as a quick and convenient location on Ammon Rd.

Call us today to schedule your DOT/CDL examination at the low cost of only $80.

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