Who we treat

Conditions focused on, but not limited to:

First off, we treat the individual, not the condition. However, each individual has his or her own story about their condition and how they got to a point that they are now considering seeking care for their specific ailment. Here is some of the conditions that we focus on.

Headaches – migraines, tension, sinus, etc.

Neck Pain – whiplash, sprains/strains, joint dysfunction, radiculopathy

Back Pain- joint dysfunction, sprains/strains, radiculopathy (sciatica)

Extremity Pain – shoulder, knee, ankle, & foot pain

GI Tract disturbances – SIBO aka Intestinal Dysbiosis, irritable bowel, food  allergies/sensitivities

Arthritic and Autoimmune diseases

Low energy / fatigue (from not enough energy to chronic fatigue syndrome)

Sleep difficulties / disturbances (insomnia, awakening in mid-sleep, night sweats, restlessness)

Chemical sensitivities / food allergies

Immune system dysfunctions – frequent colds & infections, chronic immune suppression issues


Athletes, from the beginner to the elite; increasing performance, overcoming injuries (chronic and acute), preventing injuries, recovering faster

Just to name a few…

**As a chiropractor my job is to help identify what may be causing some of this issues listed above. But, as a drug-less healing profession, we subscribe to the philosophy that your body does the healing. My job is to help identify the stressors in your life and help lower your body’s total load and help put your body in right “state”, so that it can do what it does best, which is heal itself. **

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