About Dr. Watson

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Dr. Luke was born in Mattawa, WA, a small farming community in southeastern part of the state. In high school his family moved to Kennewick where he played both basketball and football for Southridge High school. Getting hurt while playing football and getting treated for back pain is what sparked his interest in chiropractic. After seeing the benefits and effectiveness he decided to pursue chiropractic school and further his dream of becoming a doctor.

After high school he continued to work on the family farm. It was at that time he met his future wife, Brittney. Within just a few years of getting married and having their first two children he decided to further his education and moved his young family to St. Louis, MO. While there, he attended Logan University and received his bachelors degree in Life Science (biology) as well as his Doctorate of Chiropractic. He is currently pursuing his Post Grad study in Functional Medicine as well as furthering his education in nutrition to maximize human performance.

He loves what he learned while at school. He learned how the body works and how it heals. He also learned how teaming a knowledgeable doctor with holistic and natural treatments can allow the body to reach it’s innate healing potential. By utilizing chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue techniques, manual muscle testing, and clinical nutrition assessments, we can help others deal with the stresses of life.Family Pic

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Dr. Luke enjoys going to the gym, being outdoors, watching the Seahawks, and watching his kids play at the park.

He has a beautiful life with his wife Brittney and six awesome kids named Dallace, Derek, Sarah, Emily, and now TWINS Alli & Lily. They currently live in Rigby are really enjoying getting to know this new area.

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